Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning in North Texas

Planning for your future includes many aspects of caring for yourself and your family.

Usually, people only think about retirement and investments when they begin to organize for the future. However, planning for potential disability or eventual death is something most people don’t take into consideration. Will and estate planning with Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels is an excellent way to protect your interests should you be injured or suffer a debilitating disease. Our estate planning services include asset protection and advanced directives. As you begin to prepare for your future, look to our attorneys to help you organize your estate and create your will.

Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are legal documents that establish the distribution of your property and the care of any dependents after you pass. Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels work with you to create a will that encompasses everything you need for the maintenance of your assets according to your wishes. With no guarantee for tomorrow, the time to have a will is now.

Additionally, our attorneys can guide you through trusts if you feel that your estate and interests can better be served by that of a trust. Trusts are used when someone has a larger estate and helps minimize estate taxes. We are also able to set up a living trust so your beneficiaries and estate can avoid going through probate in Texas.

Along with basic wills and trusts, we also draft powers of attorney. Powers of attorney (POA), are estate planning documents that every person should have in place in the event you sustain a disability or incapacity that prevents you from making your wishes known. General powers of attorney establish the maintenance of your financial affairs. Medical powers of attorney and health care directives provide for your medical care while making sure your wishes for end of life care are addressed.

What are the Benefits of Estate Planning?

Estate planning enables you the power now to decide who will benefit from your estate and how a Texas Court will handle your estate when you are gone. The estate planning services at Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels have the expertise to establish a plan that suits the assets you have and meets your desires for their distribution.

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Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels is available to answer any questions you have about estate planning, setting up trusts and writing a will. Our attorneys serve the North Texas area, including Wise, Jack, Montague, Denton, or Tarrant County, providing reliable legal assistance and compassionate care to all our clients. No matter if you are married or single, have one heir or several, we will help you care for your beneficiaries and plan for your property distribution in accordance to your wishes.

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