Real Estate

Unless you are an experienced realtor, it can be difficult navigating the intricacies of selling real estate in the North Texas area.

Real Estate Drafting

Whether your real estate is commercial, residential, or agriculture in nature, working with a law firm that has the experience required to take care of all the details related to selling property is essential to close the deal. So, as you are looking to put your property on the market having a team of attorneys with an extensive understanding of real estate law on your side is invaluable. The attorneys with Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels will help you avoid the pitfalls that accompany real estate transactions, and ensure your best interests are looked out for through the entire process.

Our law firm services the North Texas area, including Wise, Jack, Montague, Denton, and Tarrant Counties. We provide a variety of services, from purchase contracts, seller financing and deeds of trusts, to warranty deeds. We cater to a broad range of real estate services that begins with drafting acceptance of offers, drawing up the pertinent real estate contracts and drafting deeds, to overseeing the transaction, filing the proper releases and more.

Why do I need an Attorney who handles Real Estate Transactions?

When a property is transferred from a buyer to a seller, the financing is usually handled by an outside financing company, like a bank or a mortgage broker. However, when a property transfers ownership from the seller directly to the buyer without the use of an outside financier, the need for a practiced attorney is imperative. Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels has extensive experience with real estate transactions and we are here to help, so the sell goes through without a hitch.

Legal Services We Handle

We know your rights and can help you understand them more fully. In addition, our team comprehends the importance of safeguarding your best interests throughout the process of selling your real estate. Each of our attorneys is fully prepared to assist you with the necessary work required to complete the sale of your property. Some of the real estate related services we provide include:

  • General Warranty Deeds
  • Special Warranty Deeds
  • Mineral Deeds
  • Life Estate Reservations
  • Ladybird Deeds
  • Releases
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Leases
  • Easements
  • Title Issues
  • Boundary Issues
  • Landlord/Tenant

Thanks to years of experience, we have aided property owners throughout the State of Texas to successfully sell a variety of properties. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge that is shared within our firm. Not to mention, Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels is capable of taking on additional aspects that tend to crop up when selling any kind of property, so we can handle related work associated with the case as well.

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