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Adding to your family is an exciting time that should be celebrated.

Family Law Lawyers in Decatur, Texas

The Texas Family Code covers divorces, custody, child support, modifications of divorce decrees, custody and child support, terminations, adoptions and Child Protective Services matters. The Family Code also covers juvenile justice issues. Our attorneys have a combined 30 years of experience in Family Code matters.

Divorces – Whether you believe your divorce will be by agreement, or uncontested, you need an attorney that is looking out for your interest.

Child Support Issues – Is it time for your support obligation to be reviewed? Our attorneys can evaluate your current child support obligations.

Modifications – There are times that your decree of divorce or order in suit affecting parent-child relationship should be modified and our attorneys are here to help.

Enforcements – Enforcements of court orders may be necessary when one party is not abiding by the last order of the court. Our attorneys handle enforcements for child support and custody violations.

CPS Cases – These particular cases involve the Department of Family and Protective Services and often there are allegations of child abuse or child neglect.

Mediations – J. Michael Carrillo provides mediation services for all types of Family Law Matters in Wise, Jack and Montague counties. J. Michael Carrillo’s twenty plus years of experience and familiarity with the courts and juries of Wise, Jack and Montague counties can be beneficial in reaching a resolution during mediation.

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Whether, or not, your family law matter is contested, you should have an attorney who is experienced with our Texas Courts and understands the requirements laid out by the Texas Family Code. The attorneys at Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels are here to guide you through these often emotional and life altering family law matters.

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Juvenile Justice

If your child is under 17 years old and is facing criminal charges, he or she will have a Petition to Determine Delinquency filed against them. Juvenile matters are handled differently than an adult criminal prosecution is handled. Call Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels to schedule an appointment to discuss the ins and outs of the Juvenile Justice code. Our attorneys can help your child out with his or her juvenile matter.

Adoption Lawyers in Decatur, Texas

When you add to your family by adopting a child, there are numerous legal matters which must be addressed. Fortunately, Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels will help you with your adoption, taking care of the legal details so you can focus on the newest member of your family.

Types of Adoption

There are two kinds of child adoptions. The first is an open adoption, where the adoptive and birth parents know each other. A common form of open adoption is seen in Step-Parent adoptions. The second form of adoption is a closed adoption, where often neither side knows the other and all documents are sealed. No matter what form of adoption you enter into, there are specific steps that must be taken and certain documents prepared and filed appropriately with the court system to ensure the legality of the adoption. Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels has years of experience with both open and closed adoptions and will oversee the process from termination of parental rights through adoption – start to finish.

Parental Rights Termination in Texas

Adoption is a joyous time in the lives of a family and the adopted child who is finally getting their forever home. However, there is a side of adoption that is often overlooked but is a necessity, that of terminating parental rights. The family law attorneys at Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels handle parental rights termination.

Do I need an attorney for Parental Rights Termination?

Before any adoption takes place, the termination of parental rights is the necessary first step. Parental rights can be terminated voluntarily when the birth parents of the child sign an affidavit of voluntary relinquishment of parental rights. However, in some cases this process is involuntary. This typically occurs when one of the birth parents contests the action, or both birth parents object to the termination of their rights for a variety of reasons. Often we see the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services seeking involuntary termination of parental rights in cases where child abuse or child neglect is alleged against the parents.

It is important to be aware of all aspects involving the termination of parental rights, which is why the assistance of a practiced legal team is valuable. The Texas Family Code outlines very specific grounds for involuntary termination that a Court must find by clear and convincing evidence. In addition to there being a ground to terminate parental rights, the Court must find that termination is in the child’s best interest. When considering what is best interest, Texas Courts look to what is known as the Holley factors:

  • The desires of the child;
  • The physical and emotional needs of the child now and in the future;
  • Any emotional and physical danger to the child now and in the future;
  • The parental ability of the individual seeking custody;
  • Programs available to assist the parent and the children;
  • The plans for the child by the parent seeking custody;
  • Are there acts or omissions of the parent that may indicate that the existing parent-child relationship is not a proper one; and
  • Any excuse of the acts or omissions of the parent.

Often in Step-Parent adoptions, requests for parental rights termination are made by one parent and their spouse, if:

  • The other parent has abandoned the child;
  • The other parent knowingly subjected the child to abuse; or
  • The other parent failed to support the child in accordance with the parent’s ability for more than a year.

Adult Adoptions – if you are an adult that wishes to have that special person, who you truly consider to be your parent, your legal parent, give Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels a call today.

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Whether you have planned an adoption directly with a birth family, you are a Step-Parent, or you are working through an adoption agency, you should have an attorney who understands Texas adoptions by your side. Carrillo|Sipes|Tibbels knows you have questions and need assistance navigating the legal system, so we encourage you to reach out at your earliest convenience.

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“Mr. Carrillo took charge and saved my child and i from some pretty shady dealings from two lawyers representing the other parent. His ethics and tenacious efforts and willingness to work with me financially will never be forgotten and i recommend his services to any one in need of family law services.”

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